Top 100 Largest Web Hosting companies in the world – 20.6% Market Share

Here is a list of the largest web hosting companies in the world and the number of domains registered to that company.

Top Hosting Companies World Wide

Rank Hosting Company Country Market Share Total Domains
1 WILDWESTDOMAINS.COM United States 20.6398 % 21,472,398
2 ENOM.COM United States 4.1407 % 4,307,682
3 NETWORKSOLUTIONS.COM United States 2.6597 % 2,766,986
4 ONEANDONE.COM United States 2.3949 % 2,491,508
5 YAHOO.COM United States 2.3286 % 2,422,551
6 SEDOPARKING.COM Germany 1.7643 % 1,835,467
7 REGISTER.COM United States 1.565 % 1,628,095
8 DSREDIRECTION.COM United States 1.5457 % 1,607,998
9 DOMAINDELUXE.COM HongKong S.A.R. 1.0959 % 1,140,065
10 FABULOUS.COM Australia 1.035 % 1,076,700
11 BUYDOMAINS.COM United States 0.8465 % 880,600
12 DREAMHOST.COM United States 0.7734 % 804,627
13 PARKED.COM United States 0.7169 % 745,785
14 BLUEHOST.COM United States 0.6495 % 675,730
15 XINNET.COM China 0.6385 % 664,242




Web Hosting Company Numbers – US is well ahead at 25,000 + Hosting Companies

Here is a list compiled of countries with the largest number of web hosting companies.
With the US having a huge market share in that area.

Country-wise Web Hosting Companies Data as of 02/16/09.

Country Rank Hosting Companies Gain Loss Net Gain/Loss
United States 1 25,553 139 158 (19)
Canada 2 2,862 14 18 (4)
United Kingdom 3 2,761 13 14 (1)
Germany 4 2,314 6 4 2
Spain 5 1,653 8 10 (2)
Netherlands,The 6 1,594 16 8 8
Turkey 7 1,587 25 25 0
India 8 1,164 13 14 (1)
France 9 1,161 10 5 5
Italy 10 1,112 4 4 0


Top 23 U.S. ISPs by Subscriber – AT&T, Comcast, Road Runner

Here is a compiled list of the Top 23 U.S. ISPs by Subscriber.

Date & Source
SBC (AT&T) (business and consumer DSL, U-Verse, and satellite—ISDN not disclosed)
[October 22, 2008]
Press Release [.xls]
Comcast (cable broadband)
[October 29, 2008]
SEC 10-Q
Road Runner (cable broadband, both business and residential)
[November 5, 2008]
Trending Schedules
Verizon (FiOS and DSL)
[October 27, 2008]
Press Release [.xls]
America Online (all U.S. AOL brand accounts)
[November 5, 2008]
Trending Schedules
EarthLink (DSL, dialup, cable, satellite, PLC, and webhosting—some other business lines not included)
[October 31, 2008]
SEC 10-Q
Charter (cable broadband)
[November 6, 2008]
SEC 10-Q
Qwest (DSL only)
[October 29, 2008]
Press Release [.xls]
Cablevision (cable broadband)
[November 6, 2008]
SEC 10-Q
United Online (counting paid access only)
[November 10, 2008]
SEC 10-Q
Embarq (DSL only, formerly part of Sprint)
[October 30, 2008]
SEC 10-Q
Windstream (DSL only, formerly ALLTEL and Valor)
[November 7, 2008]
SEC 10-Q
Mediacom (cable broadband, dialup, and SMB broadband)
[November 7, 2008]
SEC 10-Q
CenturyTel (DSL only, no dialup)
[October 27, 2008]
Press Release
Citizens (DSL only)
[November 10, 2008]
Press Release
Hughes Network Systems (satellite broadband)
[November 5, 2008]
SEC 10-Q
Insight Broadband (cable broadband)
[November 10, 2008]
Press Release [.pdf]
Clearwire (fixed wireless broadband)
[November 10, 2008]
SEC 10-Q
LocalNet (dialup)
ISP-Planet article (reconfirmed by e-mail on June 16, 2008)
Cincinnati Bell (DSL only)
[October 31, 2008]
SEC 10-Q
SureWest (broadband)
[November 7, 2008]
SEC 10-Q

GCI (cable broadband)
[November 5, 2008]
Press Release (late SEC filing) [.pdf]
ACS (DSL and dialup)
[October 30, 2008]
Press Release [.pdf]
Other U.S. ISPs


Rackspace Buys Two Cloud Computing Firms For $11.5 Million

The hosted computing services company acquires Slicehost and Jungle Disk to compete head-on with Amazon Web Services.

Rackspace, a provider of hosted computing services, is using two acquisitions to gain a bigger presence in the emerging market for cloud computing. It sees Amazon (NSDQ: AMZN)’s Web Services, perhaps the biggest name in cloud computing, as its top competitor. Rackspace announced Wednesday that it’s acquired Slicehost, a provider of hosted virtual servers, and Jungle Disk, a provider of online storage, for a combined $11.5 million.

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Rackspace Hosting – Razorfish Selects Rackspace for Their Cloud Services

Rackspace® Hosting (NYSE:RAX), the world’s leader in hosting, today announced that Razorfish™, one of the largest digital marketing companies in the world, has selected Rackspace’s cloud hosting platform.

Razorfish is working with Rackspace’s cloud hosting division, Mosso®, to build consumer-facing websites and web applications that can handle large traffic spikes during major promotions and product launches of brands. In particular, Razorfish develops microsites, community platforms, blogs, and web video for its clients using Rackspace’s Cloud Sites™ and Cloud Files™ hosting services.


What is SaaS – Software as a Service?

What is SaaS – Software as a Service?

Software as a Service is a term that is widely used today in business and IT circles, but just what is Software as a Service – SaaS? Like anything there are a number of different views and opinions, but there are a number of common features which I outline here.

Hosted Software Accessed through the Internet

Traditionally software was purchased and installed on Computers or servers at the place of use. An example of this is Microsoft Word or Microsoft Outlook, the application is purchased and installed on the computer for which it is to be used. On an Enterprise scale, applications such as SAP’s ERP solution or Siebel’s CRM solution are purchased and installed on servers at the customer site and accessed within the customers IT networks and infrastructure. The SaaS model differs in that software is not purchased and installed on the customer’s premises but is already installed and housed at the premises of the SaaS provider. Access to this software is provided through the internet via browser based clients (custom clients may be used in some installations). The key difference is that no software is installed at the customers premises and the solution can be accessed from any geographic location where there is internet access. Visit the very useful SaaSlist for a full explanation.

ISP Resources – Start your own ISP or WebHosting Company

If you are looking to start your own ISP or Web hosting company this site will provide some good resources for you to work with.

ISP Resources

Affiliate Programs Affiliate Programs: It’s this simple: affiliate programs can help you improve your bottom line.’s affiliate programs are available in these categories (and many more): ISP, Domain Name, Web Hosting, Free Content, Web Design, and Web Tools.

Anti-Spam Directory Anti-Spam Directory: ISP-Planet’s anti-spam directory offers you a quick overview of the promising but challenging variety of spam solutions on the market.

Backbone Directory Backbone Directory: ISP-Planet can’t tell you which backbone provider is right for your business, but we can provide you with a time-saving resource to help guide you through the selection process. Only you can determine which backbone provider is right for your ISP.

Billing Services Billing Service Directory: For some ISPs, selecting a billing service or sorting through software offerings is a fruitless task. ISP-Planet takes some of the guess work out of selecting the billing software or service program that’s right for your ISP business. Also see ISP Billing Quick Reference Chart.

Registrar Directory Directory of ISP Associations: There are more than 50 professional Internet organizations in the United States alone. How do you know who’s who and what’s what? How do you find out which organization is right for your ISP? You can start here.

ISP Guide Guide to Starting & Running an ISP: ISP-Planet has accumulated a wealth of original articles authored by our talented team of experts that actually work in the Internet service industry. The collection should be considered must read material for anyone that is thinking about starting an ISP, professionals already operating an Internet service, or ISP owners that are considering exiting the industry.

How-To Handbooks How-To Handbooks: Whether you are a tenured business owner or a new Internet service operator, ISP-Planet can help you find the marketing, technology and service solutions you need to build a successful ISP. Each of the ISP-Planet How-To Handbooks are designed to offer you expert advise and thought-provoking articles that will provide you with the guidance you seek.

How-To Handbooks Intrusion Detection Systems Directory: Security risks have grown dramatically for internet service providers because entire infrastructures are based on open standards systems. As a result, ISPs need to be able to quickly and accurately detect unauthorized changes and respond accordingly, in order to maximize security and minimize downtime. Includes Quick Reference Chart.

ISP Broker Directory ISP Broker Directory: If you decide to sell your business, remember this: it’s not about picking a good broker instead of a bad one; it’s about finding the company that’s accustomed to cusotmers like you. Includes Quick Reference Chart.

List of Internet Lawyers List of Internet Lawyers: The ISP-Planet List of Internet Lawyers is a small list of attorneys organized by state. While operating an ISP business is often a do-it-yourself venture, it pays to know where to turn when you need legal counsel and advice.